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APEX 'SafeGrip Screw' Caps

Supplier: Alpha Laboratories
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Opening and closing microtubes with gloved fingers can be problematic, getting a firm hold is often difficult.

Alpha Laboratories APEX SafeGrip screw caps provide the perfect solution.

The secret is in the stripes!

The ingenious cap features built-in strips of TPE polymer with a comfortable, non-slip texture to give a firm grip.

A secure closure is assured due to an integral O-ring moulded from the same inert polymer.

Stand out from the Crowd

Choose from natural, white or a mix of distinctive colours to give your samples a bright new look.

The caps are designed to fit our popular APEX Screw Cap Microtubes, they make an ideal combination for freezing, storage and centrifugation.

They are Certified Free of- DNase, RNase, DNA and PCR Inhibitors.

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