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Angiotensin Converting Enzyme(ACE)

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Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE) catalyses the conversion of angiotensin I to the active protein angiotensin II which causes arteries to contract and increased blood pressure. ACE measurement is often used to help diagnose and monitor sarcoidosis; a significant number of patients with active sarcoidosis will have elevated serum ACE levels, which rise and fall with disease severity. Increased ACE may also be observed in patients with leprosy and tuberculosis infections. The Buhlmann kinetic assay uses the synthetic ACE substrate, FAPGG.

The ACE present in the sample cleaves the FAPGG into an amino acid derivative and a dipeptide which results an decrease in absorbance at 340nm. The change in absorbance over a given time period can then be used to calculate the Angiotensin Converting Enzyme activity in the sample.

The Buhlmann ACE Kinetic assay is supplied complete with calibrator and QC materials and provides a linear assay up to 150U/L. The substrate reagent is supplied as a ready-to-use, stable liquid but calibrator and controls are provided in a lyophilised state and reconstituted are stable for up to 6 months when stored at 2-8C. Additional calibrator and controls are available separately. This assay should be performed on serum samples and is suitable for manual and automated protocols.

Additional info: Angiotensin Concerting Enzyme ACE kinetic assay for use with serum. Serum Angiotensin Concerting Enzyme SACE.

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