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ACD/Spectrus DB

Supplier: Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc. (ACD/Labs)
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ACD/Spectrus DB is the database, at the core of the ACD/Spectrus Platform that enables chemical and analytical information to be re-used beyond its specific initial purpose.

Traditional systems save analytical data either as a report that captures a decision or the raw data file. In both instances interpretation of the data, and knowledge gained from the experiment, is lost. Spectrus DB aims at capturing live data to generate valuable insights and fill the knowledge gap.

• Unify disparate information in a homogeneous multi-technique, multi-vendor environment
• Establish chemically intelligent connections between chemical structures, reactions, schema, related analytical data, and chemical information for easy re-interrogation
• Capture the human interpretation of data to generate intelligence that can be re-applied
The platform can be configured and customized to meet workflow requirements, and integrated into existing systems for maximum return on investment.

ACD/Spectrus DB—Re-interrogate, Re-apply and Re-use LIVE data

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