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AB SCIEX 6500 Series

AB SCIEX 6500 Series

Supplier: AB SCIEX
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See what couldn’t be seen. Until now. The new AB SCIEX 6500 LC/MS/MS series with multi-component IonDrive™ technology is the world’s most sensitive triple quadrupole, improving sensitivity up to 10X and detector dynamic range by 20X over the best selling high performance triple quad – with no compromise in mass range.

Unique QTRAP® linear in trap technology and optional SelexION™ differential ion mobility technology help enhance data quality and improve throughput while reducing the need for sample preparation. When merged with the Eksigent ekspert™ microLC 200 system, the functionally stackable design reduces lab space by 100%, while minimizing maintenance costs and reducing mobile phase costs by up to 95%.

The new AB SCIEX 6500 Series. It’s the farsighted successor to a long line of leading AB SCIEX mass spec systems.
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