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5ml Centrifuge Tubes are Ideal for those in-between Samples

Supplier: Alpha Laboratories
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Microcentrifuge tube too small? 15ml tube too large?

When your sample size is somewhere in-between, the 5ml Conical Base Midi Centrifuge Tubes are the perfect intermediate volume solution. Featuring an easy-to-open, flat, frosted cap and a large frosted writing area, they ensure easy sample labelling and identification.

Midi Centrifuge tubes are 56.6mm in height and graduated at every 0.25ml for more accurate volume estimation. The tube diameter is 19mm, the same as standard 15ml centrifuge tubes, making them compatible with many standard centrifuge rotors.
The tubes can be centrifuged to 21000 rcf.

Made from high grade polypropylene, they have undergone rigorous functional testing, ensuring their suitability for a wide variety of applications.

Ensure Sample Protection
■ Supplied in non-sterile or sterile (e-beam irradiation) options
■ Can be autoclaved at 121C and 15psi for up to 20 minutes
■ All tubes are certified RNase, DNase, DNA, Pyrogen and PCR Inhibitor free
■ The shorter height of the tube provides increased protection against contamination as long pipette barrels do not need to be inserted into the tube when aspirating or dispensing samples

Functional and Convenient
■ Three colour options are available – natural, assorted colours and also amber tubes for use with light-sensitive samples
■ The Midi Centrifuge Tubes are supplied in handy, resealable packs

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