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12 litre CMUV Heating Electromantle

Cat no: CMUV112/L

Supplier: Bibby Scientific
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The CMUV Electromantles deliver the benefits of the CMU Electromantle, but do so for very large 60° funnels, as well as pear-shaped and round bottom flasks. This is achieved through a "V-shaped" design for the heating mantle, with funnels being accommodated through a bottom opening in the Electromantle base.

CMUV Electromantles are available with and without controls. For controlled mantles, heating control is provided by a built-in solid state Simmerstat energy regulator. For uncontrolled mantles, a range of external controllers are available.

Key Features
• Bottom opening accommodates 60° funnels of various diameters
• Also accepts large capacity round bottom and pear-shaped flasks
• Large capacity between 10 litres to 22 litres
• Complete control of heating is provided by 3 separate electrical circuits that enable independent top, middle and bottom heating of flasks, each controlled with its own dial switch
• Spill-proof protection against electric shocks via a grounded earth stainless steel screen between the flask and the heating element and double fuses
• Coiled heating element, suspended within a thermal insulating cartridge, provides maximum heat transfer and support
• Replaceable insulated heater cartridge
• Maximum element temperature 450°C
• Built-in energy regulator
• Available with and without controls
• Controller available for uncontrolled model
• Indicator lamps for power and heater operation
• An easy to clean powder coated aluminum outer casing
• "Cool-to-touch" outer casing
• Non-skid feet and 3 support rod clamps (but not including the support rods)

Warranty: One year parts and labour
Certifications: CE; CSA for 115V models

Catalogue number: CMUV112/L
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